Successful sale of the Cardinal portfolio and Strong Rent Collection

Varia US Properties AG closed on 3 December 2020 the sale of the Cardinal portfolio. The portfolio of 1’209 units spread across 10 assets in Central and North Florida was acquired in December 2015. The successful implementation of the value-add strategy, by remodeling units with modern amenities and enhancing landscaping,

Varia US Properties completes capital increase

Following its private placements announced on 26 November 2020, Varia US Properties AG completed its capital increase from CHF 9,001,018 by CHF 1,125,000 to CHF 10,126,018 by issuing 1,125,000 new registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1.00 each (the “New Shares”). The capital increase was recorded in the commercial register on 1 December

Strong financial results in the third quarter 2020

In Q3 2020, effective gross income reached USD 27.6 million, a 10.2% increase from Q3 2019. Rental income was up by 9.9% to USD 24.9 million. On a like for like basis*, rental income grew by 5.0% to USD 22.4 million. Net Operating Income (NOI) amounted to USD 13.4 million

Varia US Properties expects disposition of eleven small properties in Q4 2020 – proceeds will be mostly reinvested to benefit from strong investment opportunities – confirmation of dividend guidance

Varia US Properties AG announced today that its Cardinal portfolio in Florida as well as its Stonegate property in Colorado have been placed under contract for disposition. Both buyers have conducted their respective due diligence and paid the requested deposit. The two transactions are expected to close by early December

Varia US Properties AG with very strong operational half-year results

Significantly increases effective gross income (+16%) and EBITDA (+19%) Manuel Leuthold, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Varia, said: “We are very pleased with the positive operating results in these extraordinary times. These very strong operational half-year results also reflect the resilience and growing financial performance of the portfolio.

Varia US Properties AG provides business update

Continuous successful monthly rent collection rate despite Covid-19 – in July, the Company collected 96% of the income budgeted for the month and 98.9% of the collected income for the month of March 2020 (the benchmark) Payment date for true-up 2019 and first quarterly dividend 2020 distribution set up for

Publication of agenda for the Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2020 – Strong rent collection for May and promising June despite Covid-19 pandemic

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Varia US Properties AG on 26 June 2020 in Zug will be held without physical presence of the shareholders in accordance with the Federal Council Ordinance on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus. Shareholders may exercise their shareholder rights through the independent proxy only. The

Excellent financial results with increased effective gross income (+17.7%) and net operating income (+19.4%) in the first quarter 2020 – strong rent collection for April and May despite Covid-19 pandemic.

Q1 2020 is the best quarter Varia ever had so far Rental income up 16.3% to USD 24.3 million Occupancy rate remained strong at 93.1% Strong rent collections in April and early May with 96% of total budgeted income collected for April and 87% for May (as of May 11,

Covid-19 Update

Following a solid first quarter, which results will be detailed on May 13, Varia US Properties AG (Varia / the Company) is facing the current Covid-19 pandemic with a solid balance sheet and a strong team in place that works on a daily basis to maintain occupancy, collect rents and

Continuous strong business development with sustainable increase of effective gross income (+12.5%) and net operating income (+7.0%) in the third quarter 2019

Swift investment of new capital raised of USD 50 million with three acquisitions totalling 1,263 units Increase of effective gross income from USD 22.3 million in Q3 2018 to USD 25.1 million (+12.5%) Rental income up from USD 20.2 million to USD 22.6 million (+12.0%) Net operating income up 7.0%

Varia US Properties 2019 Half-Year Report

Varia US Properties significantly increases total income (+ 42%) and EBITDA (+ 18%) Profit boosted to USD 22.2 million (+ 82%) Earnings per share increases 79% to USD 2.47 Total income of USD 66.1 million (June 30, 2018: USD 46.4 million; + 42.4%) EBITDA 1 of USD 19.4 million (June

Ongoing significant increase of effective and potential gross income based on sustainable portfolio development – positive outlook for 2018

Varia US Properties closed the first half-year of 2018 with favourable results. Varia focused on further promising investments and on the continued implementation of its growth and value- add strategy. Overall, the half-year results are within its expectations in a growing portfolio and reflect the benefits of the positive developments

Annual General Meeting of Varia US Properties AG approves all motions

Approval of a new authorized capital of 900,000 registered shares of a par value of CHF 1.00 each Manuel Leuthold re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors All Board members elected who stood for re-election and all nominated members of the compensation committee approved Consultative approval of 2017 compensation

Varia announces today ongoing successful business development in the first quarter 2018 – full deployment of new equity raised in capital increase in January 2018

Swift investment of new capital raised with four acquisitions for USD 81.5 million – two more properties under contract Non-controlling interests transfer of the former Peak Capital Partners portfolio near completion Increase of Effective Gross Income from USD 12.7 million to USD 18.7 million Net Operating Income up from USD

Varia US Properties to purchase non-controlling interests in its portfolio

Varia US Properties (the “Company”) announces today that it reached an agreement with Peak Capital Partners to buy out the interests of Peak Capital Partners and its affiliates in the Company’s portfolio, which are accounted for as non-controlling interests in its financial statements. According to the agreement, the non-controlling interest

Varia US Properties AG completes capital increase and achieves gross proceeds of CHF 20.6 million – Wolf Property Holding becomes new anchor investor with 7.52% of the total number of shares

Varia US Properties AG, has completed a capital increase to reinforce its institutional investor base and to further enhance its portfolio in the US by acquiring attractive properties. 542,105 new registered shares of Varia will be issued at an issue price of CHF 38 from the authorized capital, each with

Varia US Properties AG intends to increase its share capital to exploit further growth opportunities – no significant property damage due to Hurricane Irma

Varia US Properties AG announced today the intention to increase its share capital with two consecutive transactions in order to further enhance its portfolio and to benefit from the strong investors’ demand for appeling real estate investments. Read Full Media Release In a first step, the Company intends to offer

Full deployment of raised capital

Varia has progressed as planned in terms of equity deployment of the capital increase. It has identified interesting acquisition opportunities in the Southern and Western regions of the US which have been the most heavily sought after due to highly favorable demographics and growth projections. Varia acquired 13 properties amounting

Publication of Annual Report 2016 and invitation to General Meeting

Varia US Properties publishes strong 2016 performances, a promising basis for the year to come. The main figures for 2016: Total income of USD 64.6 million Effective gross income of USD 39.1 million and operating result before debt, taxes and exceptional of USD 17.4 million Property portfolio value of USD

Varia US Properties AG expands its portfolio

Varia US Properties AG announced today that it has already closed its first three transactions after the capital increase of December 2016 in a continuous effort to deploy the new equity of CHF 127.7 million. Varia expects the full deployment of the net IPO proceeds by the end of June,

Full exercise of over-allotment option

Varia US Properties AG announced today that Bank Vontobel AG, acting on behalf of the Company, has fully exercised the over-allotment option of its initial public offering (“IPO”) of 464,562 new shares at the offer price of CHF 35 per share. In total, 3,561,636 new shares were sold in the

Varia US Properties AG lists on SIX Swiss Exchange

Strong demand for Varia shares from Swiss and international institutional as well as domestic private investors oversubscribing offered shares. Overall, a total of 3,097,074 offered shares have been issued at the offer price of CHF 35. Assuming the over-allotment option of up to 464,562 shares will be exercised in full,

Strong demand from existing and new shareholders in launched IPO

1,649,078 from the up to 3,097,074 new shares that shall be issued in an ordinary capital increase of the Company have been underwritten at the fixed price of CHF 35 by eligible existing shareholders exercising their pre-emptive rights to subscribe for new shares. This number equals to a take-up ratio

Roadshow video

Discover the video of the roadshow we organized to introduce Varia US properties to investors in Switzerland.

Varia US Properties AG plans IPO and listing on SIX Swiss Exchange

Varia’s portfolio was valued at USD 301 million by Colliers International as of 30 June 2016 and consisted of 39 properties with approximately 5,000 residential units located in 14 US states. The Company generated total income (excluding income from fair value adjustments) of USD 18.9 million and an operating profit

Acquisition of Woodland Manor

On April 1st, 2016, Varia US Properties AG acquired through its subsidiary Varia US Tulsa LLC 95% of a 305-unit Senior LIHTC property in Tulsa, in the state of Oklahoma. The purchase cost is USD 17.438 million.

Acquisition of the Ariston Fund

On February 23rd, Varia US Properties AG acquired 100% of the shares of the Ariston Opportunity Fund LLC, a Bahamas fund holding 23 properties in the US. Those properties were initially acquired thanks to the sponsorship of Peak Capital Partners for the former owners of the Fund. Peak accepted to

Second Capital Increase

Varia US Properties AG successfully achieved its second capital increase on February 3rd, 2016. This additional equity shall allow the company to acquire all the shares of the Ariston Fund, a Bahamas fund that owes 26 residential assets in the United States.

Acquisition of the Florida Portfolio

On December 13, 2015 and according to previous announcement, Varia US Properties AG has secured the acquisition of a portfolio of 13 properties in Florida for a total acquisition cost of USD 75 million. The portfolio is spread between the Orlando region, Jacksonville, Daytona and Pensacola. It comprises 1’686 units

New Board Members Elected

On the General Assembly of December 4, 2015, the shareholders of Varia US Properties AG elected as new board members: – Dany Roizman, external asset manager – Alexander Leviant, asset manager in the US – Thomas Prajer, CEO of Swiss Finance of Property, Zürich

First Capital Increase

Varia US Properties AG successfully achieved its first capital increase on November 12, 2015. This additional equity shall allow the Company to acquire a portfolio of assets in Florida.

Varia US Properties Formation

Varia US Properties AG was formed on September 28, 2015. Its head office is based in Zug, Switzerland. The corporate goal is to invest on the US real estate market. The founder and initial board members are: – Jaume Sabater, CEO of Stoneweg SA, in Geneva – Taner Alicehic, CEO