Excellent 2021 results for Varia US Properties – significant increase of total income (+ 110.0%), EBITDA (+ 33.8%) and portfolio value (+ 52.1%)

  • 2021 has been an exciting business year with above average performances, both in terms of rent and valuation increases
  • Total income more than doubled to USD 320.0 million (2020: USD 152.4 million)
  • Effective gross income increased to USD 138.0 million (2020: USD 106.7 million)
  • EBITDA grew to USD 80.7 million (2020: USD 60.3 million)
  • Net Gain on revaluation of properties up to USD 197.4 million (2020: USD 42.5 million)
  • Operating profit incl. revaluation increased substantially to USD 237.1 million (2020: USD 83.0 million)
  • Property value was at USD 1.412 billion (2020: USD 928.2 million)
  • NAV per share increased to USD 50.8 (2020: USD 38.5)
  • Earnings per share grew significantly to USD 15.4 (2020: USD 3.9)
  • Proposed dividend of CHF 3.20 per share (2020: CHF 2.60)
  • Initial company ESG report published

Manuel Leuthold, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Varia US Properties, said: “These extraordinary results are due to a very strong underlying market, but they also demonstrate the rightfulness of the strategy initiated six years ago, as well as the quality of our Company’s assets and its management. We assume that markets will stabilize at high level and that the balance between raising interest rates, higher rents, inflation and migration will hold on. This will be beneficial for Varia US Properties.

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