Varia US Properties AG provides business update – intention to increase share capital to exploit further growth opportunities

Varia US Properties AG announced today a successful rent collection rate for September 2020: The collected rent for the month of September was 97.6% of the budgeted income and 101.4% of the March collection (March is currently used as benchmark during this particular time period).

Capital increase planned in the near future – further enhancement of the promising portfolio

According to the shareholders’ approval at the Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2020, the Company intends to offer newly issued shares based on Article 2.3 of the Articles of Association of the Company, which authorizes the Board of Directors to increase the share capital at any time until June 26, 2022, by issuance of a maximum of 2,250,000 registered shares at market price.

Patrick Richard, Delegate of the Board of Directors of Varia, said: “The US multifamily sector has been resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic and we believe it offers favorable underwriting conditions. Varia plans to further benefit from the attractive market opportunities currently present on growing suburban markets in the US and from the low interest rate environment. We believe that Varia continues to offer solid return prospects to our existing as well as our new shareholders”.

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