Varia US Properties AG provides business update

  • Continuous successful monthly rent collection rate despite Covid-19 – in July, the Company collected 96% of the income budgeted for the month and 98.9% of the collected income for the month of March 2020 (the benchmark)
  • Payment date for true-up 2019 and first quarterly dividend 2020 distribution set up for 12 August 2020
  • Webinar for investors and analysts foreseen right after publication of the half year results

Varia US Properties AG announced today a successful rent collection rate for July 2020: The collected rent for the month of July was 96% of the budgeted income and 98.9% of the March collection (March is currently used as benchmark during this particular period of time).

Patrick Richard, Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Varia US Properties AG, commented: “We look forward publishing our half year results in less than a month now and we are very satisfied with the performance of the Company thus far. We would like to thank our asset management team for their dedication and recognize the hard work of the property management companies. Together they achieved great performance and demonstrate the stability and the resistence of our investment strategy.”

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