Varia US Properties AG publishes first company ESG report

Jointly with the Annual Report 2021, Varia US Properties has for the first time published an extensive ESG report. The reports presents the current Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and goals as well as the corresponding progress the Company achieved in 2021.

Among the main ESG achievements in 2021, Varia US continued to work on its water and energy initiatives, thus reducing consumptions with more LED lights installed, more leaks detected, and more low-flow hardware installed. In addition, Varia US continued to collect and analyze consumption data to prepare its GRESB (a leading rating system for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate companies and real estate funds) application and for general reporting purposes, and partnered with the company ESUSU to offer a direct reporting to credit agencies of ontime payment of rents and utility bills for residents.

Patrick Richard, Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Varia US, comments: “Varia US and its asset manager Stoneweg US are committed to drive investment and management strategies through a sustainability approach. Sustainability must be considered and integrated into all aspects of our work. We see the contribution of our sustainability practices as accumulative. Where there is opportunity, small steps at the beginning will lay the foundation for continuous improvement.”

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